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Meet Morriston's New 3D Biomedical Technician

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to the Maxillofacial Laboratory at Morriston Hospital Swansea - Elysia Geeves, a highly skilled 3D Biomedical Technician. With her expertise and passion for advancing Maxillofacial technology, Elysia is set to play a crucial role in the Laboratory’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in point-of-care delivery.

Elysia brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having previously studied and worked in Swansea University. Her educational background, combined with hands-on experience, positions her as a valuable asset to the Maxillofacial Laboratory team. During her Biomedical Engineering Degree, Elysia had to research, design and create models of alveoli as part of her studies. She developed skills in CAD, Image Analysis, Digital Image Correlation, Mechanical Ventilation, 3D Printing and casting to understand methods for soft solid phantom production delivering insight into limitations of manufacturing and the relationship between idealised lung models and real tissue.


As a 3D Biomedical Technician, Elysia will be at the forefront of utilising advanced technologies to enhance patient outcomes in the field of Maxillofacial Surgery. Her responsibilities include designing and fabricating patient-specific 3D models, implants, and guides to assist surgeons in intricate surgical free-flap reconstructions. This innovative approach allows for a more personalised and precise treatment plan tailored to each patient's unique anatomy.


Elysia will collaborate closely with the lab team, surgeons, radiologists, and other healthcare professionals to integrate 3D printing technology into the hospital's existing workflow. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, she aims to optimise the use of cutting-edge technology in patient care, ultimately improving the overall healthcare experience for individuals undergoing maxillofacial procedures.

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